40+ Types Of Sites Doesn’t get Approved By Adsense

Hello Readers How are you? Hope you are fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am also fine. Today i am going to tell you that which Type Of Sites Doesn’t get Approved By Adsense. We all work hard to get Adsense so that we can earn also while sleeping. But many of us get failed to reach his destination. Because many of us choose wrong or prohibited types for our site to get Adsense. So here is the list of those types. Relationship and dating tips Scraped lyrics and hobby poetry Directories and link lists celebrity, sex and violence blogs Webdesign and SEO service sites Buy a bride sites Fake online shops Social media posting ideas Copied comics and jokes blogs Interior design blogs Online money making cheap blogs Food and recipe blogs Top whatever lists How to and DIY tips Bitcoin stuff Job openings Horoscope sites Forex nonsense Exam tips,questions and results University and student sites Automotive news and pics Baby names Insurance tips SMS ideas Funny pics and videos Real estate sites Classified ads Online money making blogs Mobile phone and gadget reviews Fashion and lifestyle blogs Scraped news Sports of any kind Finance tips Health and diet tips sometimes Blogging and SEO tips Celebrity pics and gossip Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood or Follywood Download Site Cheap site But sometimes some of those types of sites get approved for their luck. Mainly they don’t approve Download sites. Okay Thanks for reading up to here. Okay Bye.


  1. Md Najmul says:
    Hey Brother. Please Search On Google "how To Approve My Website In Google Adsense". I Hope You Have Get All Details For Adsense.
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